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About Us

18Tech Ventures is a nonprofit dedicated to helping hackathons thrive and helping to turn the technologies created at hackathons into fully functioning startups. The organization’s main goal is to expand the opportunity of entrepreneurship to all students.


Nikhil Sharma and Arnav Joshi were both high school sophomores at The Harker School in San Jose when they founded and successfully ran the first annual HarkerHacks hackathon. While they were able to successfully run their event and gain the requisite support to help the event thrive, they realized that many other events in less connected areas than the Silicon Valley struggled to gain access to the same resources that made HarkerHacks possible. Realizing the significance of this issue, Nikhil and Arnav co-founded the nonprofit 18Tech Ventures at the end of their sophomore year in 2018 to provide legal support, fundraising assistance, and administrative aid to student-run technology organizations across the US and Canada. Initially focused on aiding hackathons, in late 2018, the two co-founders decided to expand the nonprofit's offerings by creating the Startup Track of 18Tech Ventures, which helps other students build and patent their ideas. Having both developed various technologies and worked on multiple of their own patents in the past, Nikhil and Arnav are deeply passionate about helping other students bring their ideas to life, and look forward to continuing to help students nationwide as the nonprofit expands.

Mission Statement

By providing financial, legal, and organizational support, we aim to build a powerful community of ambitious teenagers with the ability to pursue their dreams through technology.

“Young people often have some of the most cutting-edge ideas, but are not able to implement them because of lack of resources. We wanted to solve this problem by building an organization to democratize innovation in tech and allow everyone to pursue their ideas, regardless of age” - Nikhil Sharma, Chairman at 18Tech Ventures

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an invention fair where students team up with their peers to create a product or software that solves a real world issue. At the end of the 24 hour work period, students present their innovations to a panel of judges, who give them feedback.


• Worked with over 40 hackathons across the US and Canada

• Over 10,000 students have attended our events

• Over $450,000 raised and transacted across our events

• Currently on 3 continents (North America, Asia, and Europe)


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Arnav Joshi, Executive President

Nikhil Sharma, Executive Chairman

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