• Nikhil Sharma

Co-Founders win Jefferson Award for Public Service

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Recently, 18Tech Ventures was informed that the co-founders of the organization, Arnav Joshi and Nikhil Sharma, were awarded a Jefferson Award for Public Service. The Jefferson Award is a prestigious accolade awarded to those engaged in the service of others. Winners are chosen based on a criteria of "impact, inspiration, sustainability, innovation, and need." Although winners of this award are typically much older, Arnav and Nikhil's global contributions through 18Tech Ventures led the committee to choose them as the latest winners.

18Tech Ventures hopes to continue its rapid rate of expansion and reach more students. Recently, the organization has begun initial conversations with students in South Africa and Singapore and will become more involved with both these countries in the future.

Sharon Chin from CBS San Francisco will be interviewing both Nikhil and Arnav in a few weeks. The news team will be coming to one of the events 18Tech runs to get a better understanding of the support 18Tech provides. As such, the interview will also include a discussion with the organizers and participants at this event. Stay tuned for more updates!