The path towards building one of the largest American organizations dedicated to technology education.

Our Story

18Tech Ventures was started when the founders of HarkerHacks, Nikhil Sharma and Arnav Joshi, realized the incredible potential of younger students when provided with the right resources. They wanted to make such resources widely available by running similar events across the globe, and, as a result, they decided to create 18Tech Ventures. In late 2018, they decided to create the Startup track of 18Tech, which helps students build upon their ideas, as a way to incentivize students to continue working on their products even after the 24-hour duration of any given hackathon. 

Our Vision

By providing sponsorship, legal, and organizational support, we aim to build a powerful community of ambitious teenagers with the ability to pursue their dreams through technology.

Management Team
Nikhil Sharma (Executive Chairman)
Sinaya Joshi
(Director of Marketing)
Harshil Garg
(Director of Outreach)
Neel Kandlikar
(Director of Technical Operations)
Neeraj Rattehalli
(Director of Technology)
Jay Paek
(VP of Finance)
Adele Basturk
(VP of  Fundraising)
Ishan Jain
(VP of Information)